Monday, December 31, 2012

Lisa decides to teach her crossdresssing neighbour a lesson


Lisa wasn't amused when she found Adrian wearing her favorite skirt

When Adrian's neighbor came home early and found him parading around in her clothes he was willing to do anything to prevent her calling the police and pressing charges for burglary. It took some pleading but at last Lisa gave in. After taking some pictures of him for 'future reference' she decided to administer her own form of justice.
"Bend over," she ordered and with no other choice, Adrian complied.
As he bent over Adrian was wished he hadn't chosen the shortest skirt in Lisa's cupboard and her black thong panty because now the skirt had ridden up and his bottom was fully exposed.
"You've been a naught little girl, haven't you?" Lisa said and there was a tone in her voice that made it clear he wasn't to argue.

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