Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kidnapped by an Arab Sheik

In my dream, I am a 19 year old boy who gets kidnapped by an team of terrorists for a billionaire Arab Sheik from Dubai.  I am taken to a secret hospital and given  super hormones that give me 34b breasts and the skin and hair of a young girl.  All that is left from my maleness is a miniature 2 inch penis.  After the surgery, I am sent to a sissy training camp where I learn the graces of a young woman and how I am to present myself and act as a sissy slave and wife to the Sheik.
I was convinced I would never see my family again and that my only choice was to accept my plight and be the best sissy wife I could be.  At first I resisted, but eventually came to love my new body and my new self.  Finally, the big day came; I graduated and was sent to the castle to meet the Sheik.  These photos were taken as he entered the room to meet Alissa.  I was to be his 14th wife.  I was never more nervous in my young life; I wanted noting more than to have this amazing man I had heard so much about approve of me.  That night, he took me to his room and took my virginity.  I was now his and his only, and I had never been happier.

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